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Everything in this world happens by Allah wills. So do any of my writings, my thoughts,my questions. Subhanallah

It’s been a long time ago since the last time I write about anything. I don’t know why while I have no intention to ever abandon my source of escapism; writing.

I have The Lord of The Ring collection in my rack for more than a year. But I never give any thought to watch em. I don’t know why. I just don’t feel to. So I keep the collection in shelf, dusty, left untouched. But then, come these days after I watch The Hobbit which is the tale of Bilbo Baggin that happens before the tale of The Lord of The Ring written by Bilbo’s relatives, Frodo Baggins that I feel; “I wanted to watch The Lord of The Ring!”

I’m ready!

If you haven’t watch em, maybe you should watch em too. May you gain some insight. You can get a copy from mine if you want to. So, if you still haven’t watch em, it might be quite blurry but I hope I could express em well.

I’m not here to tell you the summary whatso(you can watch em or google by yourself) but I just wanted to share with you some characters in the story that touch my heart. And yeah, it’s because of this story, I get back my sense or feelings to write. Maybe because I finally have something to write about(:

Samwise Gamgee. As weird as its name, this hobbit from Shire is totally weirdowesome[i]. From him, I feel hope. He’s the gardeners of Frodo Baggins. I would conclude that the main character of this story must be the Baggins. Knowing as a creature that is small, timid and risk-averse, Hobbit lives peacefully in Shire. Well, in this story there are four main creatures which is mankind, the Hobbits, Elves and Dwarfs (there are others as well but this four is the one who involves in the fellowship of the secrecy plan to destroy the ring, to defeat the darkness.(if you have ever read or watch em, you’d know better.) so, to  make it short, Frodo are the one who carries such heavy burden of responsible to be the one to carry the ring to the Mordor, the mountain where the Lord of the darkness a.k.a the eye a.k.a Sauron centralizing his plan and create his army. There’s active lava at the mountain of Mordor. That is the place where Frodo should drop the ring. But as the ring itself is very manipulative, it takes over the soul of the bearer slowly. It whispers to every soul and bring the darkness em. Everybody desires it. Frodo have to make this journey alone by himself bu then, his very best friend sticks to him till the end. Sam still wanted to accompany Frodo’s journey because he promised to never leave him from the start.

What I admire this character is despite of his lack of braveness, he showed one. He fall in love in a woman back then in Shire named Rosie but never have the courage to tell her. But then he gather his timid heart to follow Frodo as his very friend really need him. He just knows that. Frodo would never allow Sam at first but then because of Sam never gave up on him, he takes Sam with him. Even deep inside Frodo’s, he knew he’ll need somebody. Then, there you go. A long journey of Frodo and Sam. Back after the long journey of destroying the ring, Sam musters his courage and confesses to Rosie. What else to lose after you come back from a long death-journey.

There are times that Frodo tried to get rid of Sam because his vision and sanity are blurred. Along their way to the Mordor, they’re accompanied by a Gollum who’s originally named as Smeagol as their guide to the place. He lost himself to the ring already as he has been the keeper of the ring for such a very long period after the death of Isildur, the king who claim owned the ring. Smeagol plan to kill them both and to get back the ring are known to Sam. But Frodo believe Smeagol. It’s true that the mistakes are not to be burdened to Smeagol solely. His perception is blinded and his faith is not firm because of the ring. As so the story goes, Smeagol betray both of them. One crucial time when they are very near to the Mordor, Smeagol play acts, making Frodo to disbelieve Sam. Frodo shush Sam away even by how Sam tried to explain things. Sam goes away for a while in hesitation. At first he thought that is for the best, but then when he discover that everything happens because of the Smeagol, he quickly come back to Frodo. Even by how Frodo treat him, he knew, it is because of the ring. He knows Frodo very dearly that he won’t fall into any such deception to ever leave him. He needs to be by Frodo’s side till this mission end! And after all, Frodo needs him.

There are many times that Frodo started to lose to himself. He started to give in. he started to saw things falsely ( most of the ring bearer will suffer this as their logic, humanity and sanity will be blinded away.) I bet if it’s not because of Sam, Frodo will never succeed to destroy the ring. Even at the very last moment that when he’s at the edge of the mountain. That time, Frodo hesitate to throw the ring. Imagine, after all the days they spent that they even lose hope to live, after all the battlefields and killings of people, the history’s going to repeat back. The persuasiveness of the ring is too unavoidable. It walks in every nerves ad blood of the hobbit now. Frodo, greedily not wanting to throw the ring away and wanted to claim the ring for himself. Just like the previous king of human, Isildur. Because he could not fight back the darkness that started to crawl in the very inside of him, he takes the ring for himself.  That is the start of the man fall. And because of that grave mistake, all generation have to face the consequences. He didn’t want to hear to the Elf’s advice to let the ring go. Even though by the victory when Isildur succeeded to cut off Sauron, he didn’t manage to overcome the darkness inside him and that become the reason of the resurrection of Sauron, Lord of darkness. And now standing, Frodo, lose to himself. What makes the story different is he has Samwise Gamgee.Not to forget Smeagol are there along the way. With bad intention, Gollum has ended to be the one who play one of the most important roles to destroy the ring. If it’s not because of his greediness, history will be repeated. Smeagol burned in the lava with his love towards his precious, the ring. And till the very end Sam is still with Frodo tto help him accomplish his mission even how Frodo lose to himself. He will be there to remind him. Always. It is kinda irony, how with bad people, bad situation around us are the one who help to make things right.

Everytime Frodo lose his hope, Sam will hold his hand tightly. Tell him that everything’s gonna be okay. This bad day will end real quickly. That there’s sunshine and rainbow after this storm and rains. His smile, his face; convincing Frodo that he can do this is calming. To you, I wish I can be a Samwise Gamgee; to give you that smile and to tell you that everything gonna be owrite until the very end of the day.

The three sequels of the movies are such an eye opening. To me at least. Samwise Gamgee might be a minor to many people’s eyes but not with me. Small action bring changes. You’ll never knowJ

[i] Weirdowesome: both weird and awesome. Last time I’ve checked it’s never came across any dictionary or online resources. So I might claim this word as mine. Jihaa’s dictionary. Haha.

“There’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for.” -Samwise Gamgee
J.R.R. Tolkien




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